Tootekood: YR-938

Keeping cool whole blood and/or its components, it is a delicate matter. It is important to have the right temperature, measurements, structure, cooling system and control system. All of these features are provided by the Blood Bank Refrigerator YR-938, an excellent alternative for storing blood and its components. This refrigerator is the model YR-938. It provides a precise temperature, a high efficiency compressor and a user-friendly design. The overall dimensions are 500x450x1515 (D x W x H). The total capacity of liters is 88L. The YR-938 weights 100Kg, and it has a storage temperature of 4 ± 1°C.   Blood bank refrigerator use Regarding the control system, this blood bank refrigerator YR-938 comes with a Microprocessor-based temperature controller, so the temperature range is 4±1°C, and it has a temperature printer standard, this allows the perfect temperature for the blood samples stored inside. The refrigerator also has a large screen with LCD that displays temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. One of the most important features about the control system is that it has an automatic temperature control. That means that it defrosts automatically. Another interesting feature about the blood bank refrigerator use is that comes with an audible and visible alarm when one of these situations occurs: high or low temperature, if there is a door ajar, a system failure, a power failure and a low battery alarm.   Blood bank refrigerator specification This particular blood bank refrigerator YR-938 is the upright type. The exterior is made from a high quality painted steel plate and the inner side is stainless steel. Moreover, the casters are in the bottom. In addition, this refrigerator has a three-layer glass door with heater around it to prevent ice leak, and is lockable. Secondly, there is a fluorescent light inside with a handy switch control. About the inner shelves, they come in different ways, depending on the model. There are 3 units for YR-938, 6 units for YR-941, 8 units for YR-942. Finally, about the structure, the refrigerator has a temperature recorder that can record during 7 days and it has an optional chart recorder and a blood storage basket.   Blood bank refrigerator temperature Its compressor’s high efficiency provides a forced air circulation system. This refrigerator has  compressor and  fan motors, which is an excellent quality guarantee when we talk about the blood bank refrigerator temperature. Besides, the high effective air-cooled condenser and the fin-type evaporator provides a fast cooling system.   Model: YR-938 Overall dimensions (depth * width * height) mm: 500 * 450 * 1515. Total effective volume (liters): 88. Storage temperature (?): 4 ± 1°C. Weight (kg): 100.   Control System: Microprocessor-based temperature controller. Temperature range 4±1°C, with temperature printer standard. Large screen LCD display of temperature, display accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. Automatic temperature control, Defrost automatic. Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Door ajar alarm, system failure alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm.   Structure Design: Upright type, Exterior made from painted steel plate,Inside is stainless steel. Caster are mounted under the bottom. Three-layer glass door with heater around to prevent ice leak, and lockable. Interior fluorescent light with switch control. Inner is shelves (wire plastics).3units for YR-938, 6units for YR-941, 8units for YR-942 With Temperature recorder for 7days data record. Optional chart recorder, blood storage basket.   Refrigeration System: Forced air circulation system International Famous compressor and Germany EBM fan motors. The high-effective air-cooled condenser and the fin-type evaporator.

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