Tootekood: YR46-5-1

Direct Pure ADEPT is an ultra-pure water production system, type ASTM1, up to 20L/day, from raw water. The produced ultra-pure water meets the most rigurous requirements in the laboratory, from sample preparation to rinsing of high-sensitivity bottles, as well as advanced analysis (ASA, HPLC, ICP, GC, AOX, TOC). It includes an internal pressure reducer, a pre-treatment cartridge, a reverse osmosis module and a polishing cartridge. A recirculation system guarantees optimum water quality at all times. An osmosed water distribution point is also available on the facade in direct production (flow> 0.5 L./min.). The Direct Pure ADEPT is available in two versions: standard and with double UV lamp (185/254 nm). It comes complete with its two packs, a 0.2μm sterile capsule filter and a battery leak detector.   Ultra-pure water production system Features Compact system that does not require external pre-treatment, easy to use and install. It does not require tank, eliminating the risk of contamination of the water supply and pipes. Automatic discharge system of RO membranes to prevent the development of germs and other microorganisms and thus guarantee a maximum useful life. Equipped with high purity demineralisation cartridges for optimal quality of ultra-pure water. Automatic water recirculation every hour to avoid the development of germs and to maintain the ultra pure water quality. The system status and quality settings are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen, which is very simple and easy to use. Adept System Set  Package Includes: Includes RR300CP01 and RR600Q2KT, and leak protector.   Parameters by Model

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