Tootekood: YR142-2

(YR0142-2-1) SERO rotor 3000rpm RCF:1000 7mlx13

The centrifuge process has a wide range of uses in every field of our lives, especially in the medical field. Centrifuge devices have different uses. For example, blood separation, DNA/RNA separation, cell culture separation and others such as the study of viruses, proteins, nucleic acids and polymers. These types of high-end centrifuges can separate mixtures of different size molecules or microscopic particles, such as blood cells. This technique has become a fundamental step for testing blood samples, especially in blood banks laboratories. This is one of the most recent techniques in the medical field in order to maintain donated blood and to “wash it”. To do that you need this blood washing centrifuge, the high-end device that your laboratory needs. The washed red blood cells procedure is done when people need a blood transfusion. In this process, most of the plasma, platelets and white blood cells are removed. These kind of tests are also performed in order to see whether the donor blood is compatible with the blood of the recipient or not. That is why this device has become in an essential and fundamental device in any blood bank laboratory.   Blood washing centrifuge You should know that the model we are offering is the benchtop type. Which means that this machine has a very practical size, so it will not occupy much room in your lab and it will still accomplish its goal. This centrifuge runs with a microcomputer control and a brushless DC motor drive. In addition, this model has another great feature and that is that you can program the centrifuge process’ time range, giving this an easy-to-use feature to this blood washing centrifuge. Moreover, the YR142-2 model has a helpful touching panel, which means that you will be able to control its functions.  This blood washing centrifuge has a rotor capacity of 0,25 to 1ml x 12 with the HLA rotor. On the other hand, this model has a capacity of 7 ml x 12 with the SERO rotor. Moreover, this centrifuge’s max RCF is 2000g with the HLA rotor and 1000g with the SERO rotor. In addition, the required power supply is AC220V 50Hz 5A. Finally, this blood-washing centrifuge’s overall dimensions are 330 mm x 420 mm x 280 mm and its net weight is 14 Kg.   Parameters by Model

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