Tootekood: YR0546

Incubators are an essential dispositive in a laboratory when it comes to cellular biology experiments, microbiology, and cellular cultures. The perfect incubator maintains the right temperature, humidity and other factors involved in experiments that imitate the living process. Kalstein products offers you the ideal climate incubator so that you can rely on the storage of any kind of culture you want to preserve. These mould incubator have terrific features that guarantees the safety and quality of the cultures you want to maintain. They are common in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, public health, agriculture and many more; they are special equipment to cultivate organisms for scientific research and examining. Get to know some of this device’s great features. About the safety functions, this climate incubator has an over temperature protection. It also has a temperature sensor for open circuit or short circuit protection. Moreover, it has an auto-off protection and an alarm for abnormal situations. Another useful feature is that the parameters can be saved when the power is off or in case of a system error. This climate incubator runs with a microprocessor PID control, which is accurate and stable. It has a magnetic door sealing. The three side’s special glasses ensure good heat insulating ability and desired light intensity. In addition, it uses CFC-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.   Climate incubator Series The YR0546 has a power consumption of 1500W; the external size is 655x895x1840mm (WxDxH) a capacity of 250L. The YR0547 has a power consumption of 2000W; the external size is 675x910x1940mm (WxDxH) with a capacity of 300L. The YR0548 has a power consumption of 2500W; the external size is 745x1035x1860mm (WxDxH) with a capacity of 400L. The YR0549 has a power consumption of 3000W; the external size is 845x1085x1840mm (WxDxH) with a capacity of 500L. The power supply is 220V ±10% 50Hz. The overall temperature control range is from 10 to 50 degrees Celsius with and without it ranges from 5 to 50 degrees Celsius. All of these models have 2 pieces shelves. In addition, the continuous working time is no less than 180 hours.   Safety function: Over temperature protection. Temperature sensor for open circuit or short circuit protection. Auto-off protection and alarm for abnormal situation. Parameters can be saved automatically when power off or system error.   Temperature/Humidity area table. Blue area: Illumination on, 18~45°C/50%~80%RH Red area: Illumination off, 14~45°C/50%~90%RH   Features: Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable. Magnetic door sealing. The three sides special glasses ensure good heat insulating ability and desired light intensity. CFC-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.   Optional accessories: Printer. Parameters by Models

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