Tootekood: YR1757

If you want to have the most convenient and powerful tool to remove contaminants from an article’s surface, you must acquire a Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner. This cleaning alternative removes tough contaminants in a gentle way that does not damage the surface. Ultrasonic cleaning provides excellent penetration and cleans the smallest crevices and between tightly spaced parts in a cleaning tank.   Ultrasonic cleaning The way an ultrasonic cleaner works is using cavitation bubbles in a high frequency pressure waves (sound) that agitates a liquid. When this happens, a force on contaminants is produced in surfaces such as metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics.  By doing this, you can also clean blind holes, cracks, and recesses.  Some of the basic components of an ultrasonic cleaner are a bank of ultrasonic transducers mounted to a radiating diaphragm, an electrical generator and a tank filled with aqueous solution. You should also know that the transducer is a key component, generating the high-frequency mechanical energy.    Ultrasonic cleaner type 3 We present you with the YR1757 ultrasonic cleaner, a brand new model with the most advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology and the largest tank volume ever developed, making it more suitable for professional applications. This model’s circuitry uses a more advanced separately excited oscillation, which has 15% cleaning effect and 10% product life compared with the self-excited oscillation. The cleaning tank is designed with large opening to take in long subjects. Tank volume 6000 ml and the inside dimensions L/W/H are 324 mm x 202 mm x 97 mm. This model uses 3 pieces of professional grade ultrasonic transducers with 240 W (3×80 W) ultrasonic power, and 2 pieces of ceramic heater with 200 W (2×100 W) heating power at AC 230V. This model has a drainage function with the valve hidden inside the housing for a cleaner look. In addition, the temperature range goes from 40 to 60⁰C, adjustable with 5⁰C.   Two more special cleaning features: Degas. The air bubbles exist in cleaning solvents and they prevent the propagation of the ultrasonic wave. Using the degas function will bring the air bubbles to the surface and improve the cleaning effect. Sweeping. It sweeps frequencies within a 3 KHz range (>5 times/second). Different frequencies help to clean different products with narrow and deep crevices. You should know that its frequency is 35.000 Hz and it has a special 2-color LED display. The tank capacity is 6000 ml and its opening size is 32.5 cm x 20.4 cm x 9.9 cm.  Finally, this models has the following certificates: CE, GS, PSE, ETL, CETL.   Features of the Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Type 3 Frequency: 35,000Hz Tank Capacity:6000ml Power: 290W AC100-120V 60Hz; 310W AC220-240V 50Hz; Tank opening size (32.5*20.4*9.9cm), longest length is 34cm. Drainage valve. Two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers & ceramic heaters. 2-color LED display. 1 to 30-minute full range timer. 5 temperature settings. Working status indicators. Degas feature. Industrial grade IC. Moisture-proofed PCB. Cooling Fan. Certificate: CE, GS, PSE, ETL, CETL

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