Tootekood: YR0138-3

(YR0138-3-1) Swing rotor 5000rpm RCF:3850 10mlx37

Almost every research lab in the world has a centrifuge. They are a necessary equipment to any investigation. That has to do with the fact that the separation process is fundamental when it comes to testing samples and performing important diagnosis. A test centrifuge plays a very important role in many researches in any field. The centrifuge process happens when the samples start to spin at very high speeds and the components get under the centrifugal force, which causes more dense particles to migrate away depending on the density, viscosity and other qualities.   Oil test centrifuge This type of centrifuge is designed for testing oils and determines the water and deposit in crude oil. These features make this YR0138-3 model the ideal equipment to determine moisture in oil exploration and research institutes. This oil test centrifuge is also very common to determine the precipitation number, trace sediments, and insolubility in used lubricating oils.   Oil test centrifuge machine This device runs with a microcomputer control and it has an AC variable-conversion motor, which delivers high torque, it offers a stable operation, makes very minimum noise and it has a high-speed accuracy. In addition, it has a touching panel with programmable operation, which can be set according to your demands and automatically stored. This particular feature is very important in case of a power failure because the device saves the configuration you want. Another great feature is that this oil test centrifuge comes with an LED screen display with a user-friendly interface with simple and convenient operations. Moreover, this model has great important features such as: Electronic lock. Self-locking device. Over-speed safety device. Over-temperature safety device. Imbalance safety device. Automatic alarm device. This oil-test centrifuge machine has a real-time conversation of speed and RCF is very convenient for any operation. Finally, this model has 10 acceleration and deceleration files for you to choose. About this model’s speed, you should know that it has a rotor that runs 5000 rpm with a max RCF of 3850g. This test centrifuge’s capacity is 10mlx36. It has a French Tecumseh Compressor Unit, R404a. In addition, the power supply is AC220V 50Hz 1.5A and the external dimensions are (LxWxH) 650mm x 710 mm x 1100 mm with a net weight of 140 Kg.   Technical performance Microcomputer control, electronic lock and AC variable-conversion motor which delivers high torque, stable operation, low noise, high speed accuracy. Touch panel, programmable operation, operation data can be set according to demands and stored automatically. LED display, user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operations.  The real-time conversation of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation. It has self-locking device, over-speed safety device, over-temperature safety device,imbalance safety device and automatic alarm device. It has 10 files of acceleration and deceleration for your choice.   Parameters by Models

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