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The Polymerase chain reaction process, best known as PCR, is one of the most delicate techniques in which scientists get a few copies of the same DNA sample, generating a sequence of the same DNA. This is a very common and necessary procedure in many fields, such as research laboratories, diagnosis and monitoring of hereditary diseases, DNA profiling in forensic science and more. In order to make this procedure happen you need to have PCR tubes and of course, PCR racks. This way you will keep the samples in the correct order. PCR tubes come in strips, so that is why you must have sturdy PCR racks that hold standard size PCR tubes during the sample preparation and processing. A common tube rack is a plastic holder for test tubes in any laboratory. This item has several small holes and each one of these holes hold the tubes in a straight position. These PCR racks are very helpful items when it comes to keeping an organized lab. Another great feature about these racks is that by using them the equipment does not roll away, spill or get any cracks by accident. These PCR racks are also very helpful when the test tubes are not in active use, because it keeps them in place. This means that your laboratory is going to be in order during your experiments. These are heavy-duty polypropylene reversible racks. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. This particular feature makes these boxes the most suitable for keeping you lab ware safe. Another important factor is that polypropylene’s melting point is 130 degrees Celsius. Since they are “heavy-duty”, they are very resistant and ideal four your delicate and more important samples. In addition, these racks can hold individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Keep in mind that they can hold 8 and 12 tube strips and this model is the 96-well for PCR plate.  As most of the racks we offer, these racks have an alphanumeric grid that helps to identify the sample, making it a more practical item to have in your laboratory. In addition, these are stackable and compact racks, which means that you ae going to be able to keep them organized in the same place, contributing with: The Heavy-duty polypropylene rack can hold individual 0.2ml PCR tubes, 8 and 12tube strips and 96 wells PCR plate. An alphanumeric grid helps sample identification. They are stackable and compact. Suitable for autoclaving at 121.    Parameters by Models

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