Tootekood: YR46-6

PURIST is an ultra-pure water production system of type ASTM1, up to 100L / day, from pre-treated water (reverse osmosis, demineralization). The ultra-pure water produced meets the most rigorous requirements of the laboratory, from sample preparation to rinsing of high-sensitivity bottles, as well as advanced analysis (ASA, HPLC, ICP, GC, AOX, TOC). The PURIST is available in three versions: standard, UV as well as UV with remote distribution arm.   Features of the ultra-pure water system ASTM1 Equipped with a high purity demineralization cartridge adapted to the parameters of the pretreated water, guaranteeing an optimal ultrapure water quality. An expansion valve is available as an option to reduce water pressure at the system inlet. Automatic recirculation of the water every hour, to avoid the development of germs and to maintain the quality of ultra pure water. System status and quality settings are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen that is very simple and easy to use. It is available in the dispensing arm version and programming the dispensing volume. Easy to use and install. PURIST System Set Package Includes:  Main system  Dispenser (optional)  RephiQuatro U Pack 1 Cartridge  0.2µm PES capsule filter  185/254 nm dual wavelength UV lamp (for the UV model, preinstalled) Parameters by Model 

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