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Secure the samples you need to store in ultra-low temperature freezers. Kalstein products offer the perfect combination of trust, cost-effective performance and most important: quality. We present to you the Ultra Low Freezer, YR-959 and YR-960, the high performance devices you need to have in your laboratory.   Ultra low temperature freezers Each freezer has different general specs. Let’s begin with YR-958: First. the storage temperature ranges from -10ºC ~ -40 degrees Celsius, the input power is 260 and it weights 34Kg. Then there is the YR-959 model: the dimensions are 730x1204x968 (DxWxH) and in the inside is 430x1050x556, the total effective volume of this model is 251L. The storage temperature ranges from -10 ~ -40 degrees Celsius, the input power is 265 and it weights 86Kg. In addition, there is the YR-960 model: the dimensions are 730x1554x968 (DxWxH) and the inner part is 430x1300x627, the total effective volume of this model is 351L. The storage temperature ranges from -10 ~ -40 degrees Celsius, the input power is 300 and it weights 102Kg.   Control System The three models run with a microprocessor temperature controller, which has a temperature range from -10°C to -40°C and it can be set freely. These ultra low freezers also have a digital temperature display. Delayed start and a safe stop interval between the restart and the end of the cycle. These devices also have an audible and visual alarm in case of a high or low temperature situation or a system failure.   Structure Design In the case of the structure, they have an SPCC painted steel board outer body, which means the quality is a guaranteed and they have a stainless steel inner part, except for the FW110, which’s material is aluminum. No more worries about leaving the samples unguarded, because the top door has a key lock. The insulation is another reliability factor in these devices; you should know that this model has 90mm of foaming insulation. They also have a one-unit basket fabricated with steel wire, which makes it convenient to store articles. These models have four casters so that the handling is very easy and smooth.   Ultra low freezer thermometer The ultra low freezer thermometer in these models is able to turn into ‘Quick Freezing’ mode witch just a switch, to start making fast cooling. Model: YR-959 Dimensions (D * W * H) mm: 730x1204x968. Total effective volume (liters): 251. Storage temperature (°C): -10°C to -40°C Weight (kg): 86.   Model: YR-960 Dimensions (D * W * H) mm: 730x1554x968. Total effective volume (liters): 351. Storage temperature (°C): -10°C to -40°C. Weight (kg): 102.   Control System Microprocessor temperature controller, temperature from -10°C to -40°C,can be set freely, Digital temperature display. Delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated. Audible/visual alarm for high or low temperature,system failure. Structure Design Chest type, Outer body is SPCC painted steel board, inside is stainless steel (YR-959 is aluminum inside). Top door with key lock. 90mm foaming insulation. One unit basket made of steel wire are convenient to store articles. Four units Casters for easy handing. Refrigeration System Quick freezing switch to make fast cooling.   Parameters by Models

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