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Keeping a sample safe is a very important process in any laboratory. The results strictly depends on how careful you are when it comes to storing a specimen. Therefore, you must have the ideal containers in order to maintain the sample in the right way. The transportation of specimen and delicate substances, such as microbiology and urinalysis samples, needs to be in a proper way to avoid any leaks that can provoke the loss of important matter, so it is fundamental to have the proper container in order to receive good turnouts. The urine collection containers are the right choice for collection and transportation of urine.   Urine collection containers These are also ultra-clear polypropylene containers, which makes it the ideal decision for the collection and transportation of any kind of specimen. One of the most important features of this container is that it cannot break. Besides, polypropylene is a “thermoplastic”, which means that this container can be heated up to 130 degrees Celsius (being this the melting point), without any significant degradation. These are ultra-clear polypropylene containers, that feature ensures the right visibility of the sample. These urinalysis specimen containers have a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) screw cap, which is a petroleum thermoplastic, making it resistant to high temperatures such as 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. This material has a high resistance to heat and diverse chemicals products. It is also very resistant to impact and it is very light weighted. In addition, this model has a screw cap providing a leak-resistant seal; you should know that it is available with spoon or without it; the choice is up to you.   Sterile urine collection container These 4OZ/120ml containers are the ideal choice for liquid and solid specimens. Another feature is that they are crack-resistant from 90cm high from the land and they have top and bottom gripping that assures easy opening and closing when wearing gloves. On the other hand, they also have molded-in patient ID on the screw-on lid and the container’s body for convenient marking. Manufactured from virgin ultra clear polypropylene ensures good samples visibility. Cap Material: HDPE. Screw-cap provides a leak-resistant seal. Available in choice of with spoon or without spoon. Ideal for liquid and solid specimens. Containers are crack-resistant for about 90cm height from the land. Top and bottom gripping  assures easy opening and closing when wearing gloves. Molded in patient ID on the screw-on lid and container body  for convenient marking. Sterile containers are labeled with patient identification for accuracy in handling.   Parameters by Models

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