Sample collection and transportation is a very important part of every-day basis in any laboratory. There are special samples and tests that need to be carefully performed, whether for their delicacy or the importance of the results. These containers and tubes need to have an enclosed system that guarantees the operator’s health and safety, which means that they do not have to get in touch with hazardous samples. It is very important to meet these standards so that your lab’s health personal do not get involved in unpleasant situations.  Urine samples are a very common test in labs and they are meant to determine certain health conditions. The most commonly ordered laboratory test is urinalysis with culture and sensitivity. If a urine specimen is going to be sent for laboratory testing, it must be stored in appropriate conditions and transported properly to ensure the quality of the sample. That is why we offering these urine tube models, so that you can rely on your laboratory’s stock in this type of cases.   Urine tube The closing system in this urine tube’s model is specially designed to provide safety and reliable results. Because urine samples are a potentially harmful and infectious material, they must be transported and stored in a closed system. In this case, this is a polystyrene urine tube, which means that it is made from a thermoplastic polymer, a very common material in laboratory ware due to its transparency and ease of sterilization a very important feature when it comes to these type of tests. This urine tube model has a flared opening, which means that the tube is wider at the top. In addition, the tube has a sedimentation bulb at the end, just like a whale-type. Another great feature is that this tube model has snap caps in two different colors yellow and orange. About the capacity, this is a 12 ml tube and it is graduated so that it is easier to identify the sample’s quantity. Another interesting fact about these tubes is that they can go through the centrifuge process with a maximum spin rate of 1500 rpm. About the packaging, they are packed as 100 units per bag and 1000 per case with the sterility N.S. process. These are the definite items to choose when it comes to filling your lab’s stock. Manufacturered from virgin Polystyrene. With flared opening, With sediment bulb, whale type. Graduated. Centrifuge spin rate: 1500 RPM.   Parameters by Models

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