Tootekood: YR450

There are some essential steps in a histology lab. The sectioning process is one of the most important ones, because this procedure has to be very precise and the blocks you are cutting into, must not be cracked in any way. When you begin the sectioning process, the first thing you do is to cool off the paraffin blocks in order to make the right cut. Then you place those blocks in the water bath and set it to the desired temperature, being a fundamental step in the entire procedure. Water baths are a very common item in any kind of microbiological laboratories. This type of equipment is a container that is capable to hold heated water in order to incubate samples in water in a constant temperature for a long period. Water baths usually has an interface that allows the user to set the right temperature in order to achieve the wanted results. This model is not the exception. Among its uses, you can find warming of reagents, melting of substrates or incubation of cell cultures. There are some recommendations when it comes to the use of water baths. First, experts do not recommend using the water bath with moisture sensitive or pyrophoric reactions. Second, you have to constantly monitor the water level and only use distilled water; the reason is that you do not want any salts depositing on the heater. In addition, if your application involves liquids that give off fumes, we recommend you to operate the water bath in a fume hood or in a well-ventilated area. Moreover, you can raise the temperature to 90 °C or higher once a week for half an hour to decontaminate the device. Finally, we also recommend setting the water bath on a steady surface away from flammable materials. This water bath model YR450, has a working voltage of AC220V±10% 50Hz (standard model), AC110V±10% 60Hz. Its power requirement is 400 W. The bath bowl’s dimensions are 260 mm × 220 mm × 65 mm (W×D×H). Remember that you can set the temperature, and in the case of this water bath, the temperature range is 0 to 99 degrees Celsius. Finally, its general dimensions are 425 mm × 350 mm × 130 mm (W×D×H) and its net weight is 8 Kg. Product Name: YR450 Water Bath. Product Categories: Water Bath&Slide Dryer.   Major Technical Specifications: Dimensions of bath bowl: 260×220×65mm(W×D×H). Temperature Range: 0 – 99°C. Working Voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz (standard model), AC110V±10% 60Hz. Power: 400W. Dimensions: 425×350×130mm (W×D×H). Net weight: 8kg.

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