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There are a lot of multipurpose tools and instruments in any kind of laboratory. Having the appropriate instruments at the tip of your hand makes your workflow smoother and your results will definitely be more reliable. One of the most important procedure in a laboratory is the weighing and measurement process. There are different instruments and devices that aid you during that process and one of them is weighing boats. The ideal instruments for purposes like weighing, evaporating, dispensing and storing are weighing boat. These devices are able to support precise measurements and they are compatible with balances and dryers. This means this is a multipurpose tool you must have in your laboratory. These are disposable devices used for precise weighing of substances. These substances are going to be transferred to another vessel.   Weighing boats plastic These weighing boats are the ideal plate to handle both liquids and solids. In addition, these are safe and contamination-free polystyrene boats. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in a wide range of consumer product application and is a useful commercial packaging. In this case, the polystyrene type used to make these boats is high impact, so expect a lot of resistance from these items. Weighing boat function The fact that they have rounded corners enables the easy removal of powdered and granular samples, being this a very practical feature to have in your laboratory. In addition, these weighing boats have recesses in their corners in order to facilitate a controlled pour-off. About their shapes, they come in square and diamond shapes and they are available in with and black colors. The models we are offering you are all non-antistatic and they come in a wide variety of sizes for you to choose according to your needs. Each size and shape come in both black and white colors. The square shape measurements are 7 ml, 44 mm x 44 mm; 100ml, 80 mm x 80 mm and 250 ml, 140 mm x 140 mm. The diamond shape measurements are 5 ml, 55 mm x 35 mm; 30 ml, 85 mm x 65 mm and 100 ml, 125 mm x 100 mm. The inner packaging is 250 units per bag, 4 bags per box; 250 units per bag, 2 bags per box and 125 units per bag and 2 bags per box. Kalstein weighing boats manufactured in high impact polystyrene and are ideal for handling both liquids and solids. Rounded corners provide for easy removal of powered and granular samples. Recesses at the corners facilitate controlled pour-off. Available in both white and black , a choice of sizes to suit your specific needs.   Parameters by Models

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